Odgovor FEE-a po pitanje o udruzi “Lijepa Naša”

Udruga Protagora je u prosincu 2018-te prijavila udrugu “Lijepa Naša” njihovoj krovnoj organizaciji FEE – Foundation for Environmental Education. (Više ovdje)

Odgovor, i to pozitivan, je stigao te ga prenosimo u cijelosti.

“At the FEE Board of Directors meeting that took place on the 15 February 2019, the FEE Board discussed the complaints it has received from a number of sources  in Croatia regarding the Activity known as “Days  of Bread” that is run by the FEE National member in Croatia, “Lijepa Nasa”, as part  of the Eco-School’s programme in the country. The main complaint was that the activity centres on specific religious content and is done in collaboration with a specific religious entity. In doing so, it has excluded children of other faiths from the activity.

The FEE Board of Directors has looked into the FEE Head Office’s correspondence with Mr.  Ante Kutle, and was presented with the complaints and the media coverage on Croatian media including the interview made by journalist Danka Derifaj with Mr Kutle.

Based on these, the FEE Board of Directors would like to stress the following:

  1. FEE and its programmes should be inclusive for all regardless of gender, religious beliefs, colour or race. This means that FEE members should not mix religious activities with FEE programmes or brands. The fact that all schools might be invited to participate in a certain activity doesn’t mean that individual students might not find themselves left out of these activities or uncomfortable to participate as was the case in Croatia. FEE member organisations are independent of FEE and hence could, if so they choose, run activities that might have a religious context but not as part of the FEE programmes.  FEE dose ask in its application form if the organisation applying is open to all and FEE expects its members to make sure that this is always the case in relations to the FEE programmes. 
  1. The FEE statutes and rules of procedure do not state specifically the boundaries of inclusiveness yet they do clearly state the following:  Rules of Procedure, article 4.1: Requirements for organisations applying for associate membership of FEE: Be democratic and open to all regardless of gender, orientation, race, religion. Rules of Procedure, article 21: Member organisation’s General administration will follow other decisions made by FEE, Protect the ethos of FEE, ensure a proper level of quantity, quality and integrity of the FEE programmes nationally (in accordance with the requirements from FEE internationally). Rules of Procedure, article 22:. Programme national operators will ensure that the FEE programmes and its logos are not used in inappropriate contexts.       

The FEE Board of Directors is in agreement that connecting the FEE programmers and logos to activities with a specific religious affiliation is not in the spirit of FEE and asks that “Lijepa Nasa”, seizes to hold such activities in connection with the FEE programmes and brands from now on.

  1. FEE will make sure to amend its rules and procedures articles before the next FEE General Assembly in such a way that they are completely clear and make sure that the text has no ambiguity regarding the

requirement of the FEE members to separate in non-inclusive activity from the FEE programmes and brands.   

  1. The FEE Board of Directors will continue and monitor the situation in Croatia to make sure that such activities do not continue in the future.           

The FEE Board of Directors asks for your understanding and cooperation on this matter in the spirit of this letter and that with this letter this issue is laid to rest.”

Luka, If you, or anybody for that fact, are aware that this letter has not had the effect it should have had, we would like to know so with exact details.

As stated in the letter, FEE will present new Rules of procedures to be approved at our General Assembly in 2020 to make sure that the rules are very clear on the issue of inclusivity and connecting the FEE brands/programmes with religious activity.



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